Learning Unreal Engine iOS Game Development

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    Create exciting iOS games with the power of the new Unreal® Engine 4 subsystems

    About This Book

    • Learn about the entire iOS pipeline, from game creation to game submission
    • Develop exciting iOS games with the Unreal Engine 4.x toolset
    • Step-by-step tutorials to build optimized iOS games
    Who This Book Is For
    If you are a game developer, designer, artist, or a beginner in the gaming industry, and want to make iOS games efficiently at a low cost, this book is ideal for you.

    What You Will Learn

    • Install, build, and compile UE4 on Mac OSX and prepare it for iOS development
    • Understand the process of creating an iOS game and its requirements
    • Build different types of modern gameplay mechanics for iOS devices
    • Implement and build different asset types
    • Control your game's user interaction using the social functionalities inside UE4
    • Develop iOS games using tools and functionalities provided by Unreal Engine 4.x
    • Generate revenue from your games using the monetization capability
    In Detail
    Unreal® Engine 4 has always been the best measurement for industry standards. With all its tools and power, game developers and designers can reach a new level of productivity for their games with the lowest cost ever.

    Learning Unreal® Engine iOS Game Development teaches you the basics of iOS game development using Unreal® Engine 4. You will discover how to build an engaging Unreal iOS game, how to generate revenue, and how to optimize game performance using the tools and functionalities the Engine provides. To begin, you will start by preparing the required files for an iOS game using the developer's portal. Next, you will go through purchasing, installing, and building game elements for different game types, picked from the chart of the latest trending games. By the end of the book, you will be able to add social and monetization functionalities to your game and submit it for review to the app store.


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