Master the Art of Unreal Engine 4 - Blueprints: Book#3

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    Master the Art of Unreal Engine 4 - Blueprints
    Creating a 3D Point ‘n Click
    Master the Art of Unreal Engine 4 - Blueprints - Creating a 3D Point ‘n Click Adventure!

    "Master the Art of Unreal Engine 4: Creating a 3D Point and Click Adventure" is book (Free e-book or physical book for the price of printing costs!) that helps teach people how to create games that play similar to Telltale Game's titles such as The Walking Dead, Sam & Max .etc

    Also serving as a re-creation / re-write of the first two "Master the Art of Unreal Engine 4" books, "Creating a 3D Point and Click Adventure" helps ease people into Unreal Engine 4 by doing simple tasks to bring their 3D Point and Click project to life!

    Covering the absolute basics all the way up to create dedicated functions in Blueprints and packaging projects, the book offers clear-cut steps, while at the same remaining laid-back and an enjoyable experience (As game making should be fun, not walls of boring text!)

    By the end of the book, readers will be comfortable in their own abilities and (Hopefully!) will have learnt the skills needed to create any project of their own in Unreal Engine 4 with the power of Blueprints!

    Unlike my previous books, this book also covers HOW and WHY things work, without bombarding the reader with information after information. This means that the reader learns the important stuff without being bored out of their heads!

    Here is just a taster of what is covered in the book:
    • Creating (And playing!) an interactive scene
    • Basics of multiple-choice gameplay
    • Manipulating the camera with Blueprints
    • Using Matinee / UMG to create a AAA* looking scene
    • Packaging a Game
    • Creating our own controls!
    • Importing files from other projects
    • Basic Inventory System
    • Building lighting, Navmeshes and more!
    • Blueprints: How to use them and how it’s almost like child’s play!
    • What is the difference between an Int, Float, Bool .etc

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